What’s it like living in a converted church?

I get this question all the time. When I tell people that we live in a church for the first time, I think at first they don’t believe me then the questions start.

I gotta tell you, this was our 6th home purchase, and this is by far the coolest house I’ve ever lived in.  🙂

What’s it like living in a church?  Honestly not much different than living in a regular house.  Yeah it looks like a church from the outside but inside it kinda just looks like a house.  We have vaulted ceilings and some stained glass but we have a kitchen, living room, and dining room just like everyone else.

Does it feel different because it used to be a church?  I think the house has great energy.  We’ve looked at a lot of houses in our day and it immediately had a good feeling about it. It immediately felt like home.  If the stained glass had been of “religious scenes” I think it would feel very different (our stained glass is just colored squares).

I love the history around the building.  We know where the buggy path was that went around the church and we know where Sunday school was.  We know that the community had Pumpkin Pie Days and Strawberry Days at the park across the street.  Now it’s a warm and inviting building that we call home.

If you want more pics you can see them at the house tour or some pics of the church before it was converted here.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about the building, ask away!

Love, Melinda

Converted church

converted church

Converted church living room

Open modern kitchen in converted church


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