Painted Table and Chairs

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a project!  I’ve been working on it for awhile and it’s for some dear friends of mine.  Cute fabric with birds

We live in Colorado where all of the flooding happened back in September and these friends had extensive damage to their house and lost almost everything. When I ended up with an extra dining table and chairs after moving some furniture around in the house I knew what I was going to do. I was going to make a happy table and chairs set for my friends!

I started with these chairs.  I’ve reupholstered them a few times, it’s so easy.

4 Crate and Barrel chairs

4 Crate and Barrel chairs

Work table to refinish

Nice sturdy table

I began by removing the upholstered seats from the chairs. Just a simple screwdriver to remove the screws from the four corners of the seats. I’ll come back to the seats after I show you the painting process.
reupholster a chair

First  everything got cleaned and sanded.  Then I applied primer to all of the pieces. I used a brush for the detail areas and a small foam roller for the large surfaces.
primer on table
Then I added several coats of the paint, sanding between coats. The color I used is Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore. It’s a gorgeous blue!
Sand between coats
Now for the seats. I’m totally in love with this fabric. I even used it for some wall art!

Cute fabric with birds

I removed all of the old  upholstery with a screwdriver first and then pliers to remove the staples.

reupholstering a chair


How to reupholster a chair

There was some damage to one of the corners.  I took some wood glue, glued the pieces back in, and clamped it for an hour.

repair and reupholster chair

repair particle board

I reused the original foam from the chairs so now we can move on to the reupholstering. Here are the 4 seats ready to go.

how to reupholster a chair

I take the original fabric from the chair and use it as a template for the new fabric.  I cut 4 new seat covers, making sure the pattern was going in the same direction, using my old piece of fabric.

reupholster a chair

I start by laying my fabric down then placing the seat on top of the fabric.  Using my staple gun I staple once in the middle of each side.  Pull firmly but not too tight.

how to reupholster


Now that there are four staples, one on each side of the seat, we are ready to tackle the corners.  I start by pulling in the tip of the corner, making sure not to cover up the screw hole. Staple once.

reupholster corner of chair seat

Now pull in one side of the corner and staple.

corner of chair

Now pull in the other side of the corner and staple. Your first corner is done!  Repeat on the other corners.  Then staple at least twice between your original side staple and the corners so that you have at least 5 staples on each side of the seat, not  including the corner staples.



After the paint is dry and the seats are reupholstered just screw the seats back on to the chairs.

Here is the finished product! It is still in my house because my friends are still working hard on their house before they can move in furniture. I can’t wait to deliver it to them. They have such a bright sunny home I know it will look great and hopefully bring smiles everyday!
reupholster chairs bird fabric
blue dining table
refinished table and chairs
blue kitchen table and chairs
cutest fabric ever chairs

Love, Melinda

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  1. What a beautiful dining set! I absolutely love the paint color and the fabric, it will definitely brighten up meal time even on the dreariest of days. I’ve been dying to find an old dining room set to make over, now if I can only find wonderful friends willing to do the work for me 🙂

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