DIY Abstract Art

I’m occasionally inspired to paint something.  It usually comes from a need to have something on an empty wall!  We had a spot above our couch that I thought at one point I would hang a black and white photo.  That didn’t happen so I decided I would give a painting a shot.

Here’s the living room before:

Converted church living room

We usually have some canvases laying around, we just reuse them over and over. No one around here considers themselves a painter but we like playing around with paints, even my son.
I started by painting the canvas white.

DIY abstract art

This painting took me several weeks. I would paint something, sit with it for a few days and then paint over it and start again. I wanted abstract art. I looked to Pinterest and other art resources for some ideas and then just went for it. :)
Here is the result:

paint your own art

I like it in it’s spot above the couch!
abstract art above couch
diy abstract painting
abstract painting i did it

Done any painting lately?

Love, Melinda

Addicted 2 DIY

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