Before and After: Converted Church

I’m excited to share some before pictures of our converted church! Enjoy!

Here is the sanctuary:

Converted church before

Open modern kitchen in converted church
The peak of the ceiling is where the new wall for the master bedroom was installed. The fridge is roughly where the wood paneling meets the decorative wall. The current lights were repurposed and reconfigured for the kitchen space.  The two stained glass windows above the kitchen were repurposed from the north windows. The small seating section on the left side of the before picture is where our dining room table now sits.

Dining room in converted church

This next picture is looking towards the back of the sanctuary, now the master bedroom. The stained glass windows are all in the master suite.

Master bedroom before converted church

This current small seating area is roughly down the center of the blue chairs, where the new wall for the master suite is.

DIY Fabric Wall Hanging

 Below is the current master bedroom looking at the corner of the front of the sanctuary (to the right of the God is Love sign).

Converted church before
master bedroom converted church

A view of the hallway from the master bedroom into the walk-in closet and master bathroom.

Gray painted bathroom vanity

Master bathroom (back of the sanctuary, under the small stained glass window)

Converted church entry way

Entryway before

converted church entryway

Entryway with 1/2 bath added, slate tile, and bamboo flooring on the stairs

Next time I’ll share the lower level with you. Lots of pink walls!

Love, Melinda

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