A New Roof

Our 1972 ranch had what I think was the original cedar shake shingle roof.  It was not in great shape.  The shingles were curling and you could see staples and nails sticking up everywhere.  We knew when we bought the house that we would have to replace it, and when the insurance company said they would insure us but gave us 6 months to replace the roof we knew it would have to be our first big project.

getting a new roof on a ranch

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Opening up the staircase

As long as the dust was flying we decided to take out the old banisters that led to the sunken family room.  I’m keeping the old spindles with thoughts of making them into tall candlesticks but that is low on the priority list.  The banisters were pretty easy to remove, a crow bar and some muscle.  We had a friend build us a new bottom step so that it is ready for hardwood flooring when we get to that step.

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Opening up the kitchen

We have plans to redo the kitchen at some point.  We keep changing our minds on what we want so for now we are going to sit tight.  We have a few new appliances to tide us over but the cabinets are in decent shape so it isn’t the room we are focused on right now.

As part of the drywall project we wanted to open up the wall from the kitchen to the family room.  We were hoping we could have it completely open but we did end up needing a post.  It still makes a huge difference in sight lines and natural light.

Check out the before and after (no beautiful “afters” yet, still in progress)

removing kitchen wall

From kitchen looking towards family room

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Drywall and living in the basement

The ceilings in the main living areas had acoustic tiles glued to the drywall.  I’m sure in the 70’s this was very cool.  Now not so much.

We tried to remove them in my art studio but it was a horrible mess and we couldn’t get the glue off the drywall.  Sooo… new drywall over all of the ceilings.  It was about 2 weeks of living in the basement during the day.

I don’t need to say that it was dusty.  I thought we were in the clear when the drywallers left on a Friday.  Oh but wait.  Now the finishers come in and they make even more dust.

But now we have smooth ceilings and it doesn’t feel like we live in a cave.

We are currently painting so I don’t have any great “after” pics yet.

new drywall mess

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Guest Post: Re-purposing clothing

Today my dear friend Nicole is sharing how to take a boys shirt and turn it into a very cute pillow cover. She also has some other ideas on re-purposing other clothing items. Nicole always amazes me with her ideas.  She is one talented lady!

Hi, this is Nicole and I’m happy to share my pillow sham project with you today.

Creating a pillow sham out of a dress shirt

Repurposing clothing

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